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Welcome to my little musical window to the world. To take as long as I have to put a website like this together requires the kind of almighty self doubt and procrastination that i was certain only i possessed.


Numerous people have egged me on over the years but i have always dismissed them and found more important things to waste my time doing. Maybe its a mid-life crisis thing or a realisation that we are only here for a limited amount of time but whatever it is I am incredibly grateful to anyone who has ended up here listening and appreciating my music


A bit more about me:


I cannot dance unless suitably lubricated and even then I wouldn’t call it dancing.


I am not a natural performer and I don’t like being told to perform. Actually, like my 4 year old,  I don’t really like being told to do anything. 


I love making music, writing and recording songs.  I find the creative process fascinating and I never feel more alive then when I’m writing or recording something new. This is probably why I have so many unfinished songs. 


Music helps me process my emotions but moreover allows me to convey something melodically when I can’t find words.


I have been down the music industry rabbit hole only to find disappointment and some pretty nasty fame hungry peeps who did not make me happy, so I decided that wasn’t for me, underwent a DIYectimy. Bought a Mac, the relevant recording bumflufferies,  lived in the mountains, got naked a lot, learned how to use it (the studio) and had an unexpected spiritual awakening. 


I have a love/hate relationship with people. I crave solitude to make music but I get carried away with my melancholy nature and need reigned in before things get too sombre. 


I associate as a songwriter / person of musician persuasion before any other title. I am in a constant struggle with myself and the ties that bind, I love my family and my friends more than anything and when I do leave this world my essence will be on a hard drive in musical form. 

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